ILBE assault pack detail

ILBE Assault Pack Review

After a full year of using the ILBE assault pack both in urban environments and outdoors, I discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

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british army basha map in the woods

British Army Basha Review

A complete review and feature display of the British Army Basha, no doubt the best tarp you can get for $50, made of nylon and awesomeness.

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Things to Do While Camping: The Ultimate Guide

Going camping is a great chance to disconnect from the digital world and try some things you always wanted to do but never thought you had the time to.

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Leather on the top

German Army Flecktarn Gloves Review

My review of the German army’s combat flecktarn gloves, definitely the cheapest tough and warm outdoor gloves you can buy. Strongly suggested.

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Winter Camping in the night

How to have a perfect sleep when winter camping

Nothing can spoil a winter camping trip more than feeling cold while sleeping. Learn how to get warm and stay warm when you sleep outdoors in the winter!

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ILBE Assault Pack Mods

Improve the ILBE assault pack with a few mods and turn it into a true camping pack with an MSS carrier, trekking pole attachments and some useful pouches!

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The value of SEO

Lately I’ve been looking for decent opportunities on big freelancer sites, offering my services as a SEO consultant. It’s extremely funny and also sad how many people wish to hire someone for a service they have no idea of or respect for. So in this post I will try to explain the value of SEO, at least the […]

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The HC-548 keypad

Testing the HC-548 keypad with an Arduino UNO

Today I got the HC-548 keypad in the mail, so it’s time to play with it and find out how it works! Another day, another gadget! These little keypads are practically a matrix of switches. No matter if they are the same as the HC-548 or with a different layout (usually without the A, B, C, D […]

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green soap

DIY Biodegradable Soap, Shampoo and Detergent

A DIY biodegradable soap that has a million uses in the house or outdoors. Perfect for camping, hiking and backpacking.

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Testing the HC-SR04 ultrasonic range sensor with an Arduino UNO

The HC-SR04 is a pretty cool piece of equipment. It’s one of the few sensors that you actually enjoy testing when you start getting into electronics and Arduino. From what I understand there are two versions, one with three pins and one with four. In this guide we will test the four pin version, in […]

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Arduino UNO connected to ESP-8266-01

How to connect an ESP8266 to an Arduino UNO

There are a lot of guides online on how to connect an ESP8266 to an Arduino uno but there’s too much confusion and not enough explanation. So I’m going to give you the quick version along with the details. Connecting the ESP8266 to an Arduino The steps you need to take are simple. This is written […]

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How to start a web server from the command line on OS X

OS X includes Python! Go to the directory where your code is and just run: python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

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The Ultimate EDC Kit for Normal People

Have you noticed that most EDC kits include knives, guns or crap items that are either illegal in 99% of the civilized world or really unnecessary for normal, sane people? Maybe you just need to be prepared for minor uncomfortable situations and not disasters, zombie apocalypses, or mass shootings. Maybe it’s not about preparation at all, […]

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Beginning Bushcraft: Equipment

Ah, to feel young again. I will bet that when you first heard about bushcraft, something woke up inside of you. We all read those books as kids with the shelter diagrams and instructions, then we completely forgot about them. Until we reached our thirties (or worse) and we decided it’s time to fulfill a […]

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How to hack Spotify for ad-free radio.

Like Spotify but hate their stupid repetitive ads? I know the feeling. Don’t you wish there was a way to just block these ads and just enjoy the music? We can do this, without malicious software and without software hacks. This trick will work on any computer, as long as you can edit its hosts file. […]

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The Indie Store: Apple’s next big thing.

Apple, as we know it, was built on music. It was the launch of the iPod that made the company the colossus it is now, and with this launch, apple changed the music industry forever. It did not only define the standards for modern MP3 players, but also for the way music is distributed, inventing a […]

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Zelda Clone in Unity

Creating a 2D Zelda Clone in Unity

A Zelda style 2D game is not that hard to build in Unity. In this guide, we will see how to start developing it, step by step.

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Google Image Search Extension for Safari

Google Image Search is an amazing tool, but it involves an annoying process. The BackTrack extension for Safari allows you to do reverse Google Image searches by right clicking on an image in a page.

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iOS 7 User Switching on iPad

iPad User Switching on iOS 7: A Concept

I was feeling inspired today. Without further ado, I present my concept for user switching on the iPad, based on iOS 7. Click on the images to zoom. Locked This would be the locked state, where you can see the currently logged in user’s photo and his name. The style of the photo is inspired […]

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8 Geocaches

Open Source Geocaching Trackables

Today, I had my first geocaching experience (which was a bit of a failure, but still had a lot of fun). Doing some research, I realized that trackables supported and recognized by the official website and affiliated applications, have to be purchased from the Groundspeak, Inc (the company behind shop. Now, as a […]

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