How to “hack” Spotify for ad-free radio.

Like Spotify but hate their stupid repetitive ads? Just ad the following line to your computer’s host file:


Open Source Geocaching Trackables

8 Geocaches

Today, I had my first geocaching experience (which was a bit of a failure, but still had a lot of fun). Doing some research, I realized that trackables supported and recognized by the official...


Goodbye WD, hello HP


My Western Digital My Book World Edition (White Light) NAS died. It did not last long and I am disappointed by the quality of the hardware and firmware. I’ve had constant overheating and speed...


Hello world!

Hello World

Welcome to my blog. I’m Teo. Technology enthusiast, nerd, web designer, programmer, apple fanboy and dog owner. This is my first (obligatory) post. Thanks for visiting!