iPad User Switching on iOS 7: A Concept

I was feeling inspired today. Without further ado, I present my concept for user switching on the iPad, based on iOS 7. Click on the images to zoom.

iOS 7 User Switching on iPad: Locked


This would be the locked state, where you can see the currently logged in user’s photo and his name. The style of the photo is inspired by the user switching screen of OS X, with a small twist for a more natural look in iOS 7 (the transparent ring).

On the bottom left of the screen and across the camera icon, I added an icon for user switching. This uses the same gesture as the camera (slide up).


iOS 7 User Switching on iPad: Unlocked


The user would slide to unlock normally, and then be presented with a semi-transparent keyboard, as seen here. The keyboard layer is semi-transparent and adds some blur to the background. A field appears for the user’s password. By entering a password and tapping enter, the iPad unlocks.



Switch User

And that’s the user switcher. By sliding up the icon in the first screenshot, all users appear in a coverflow-like UI.

iOS 7 User Switching on iPad: Unlocked

The entry animation for this would probably be the user photos and names appearing from nothing next to the main user. The “slide to unlock” text flips vertically and becomes “slide to switch”.

Here the user can simply scroll left and right. The animation I had in mind when designing this is the fishbowl animation of the OS X dock, with the images growing as they reach the middle of the screen.

On releasing the screen, the most centered user slides to the center and grows to full size (if not already there). After a second, the others disappear and the screen is on the locked state.

No disrespect to Steve Jobs for splitting him in half. I would be really happy if you gave me some feedback!

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