Hire Me!

Need a WordPress pro? Search no more. I’ve been working with WordPress for about 8 years and I absolutely adore this platform.

Whether you need advice on your website, new ways to new ways to digitalize your business, or just help with some code, I feel comfortable to say that I’m the man for the job. All you need to do is contact me.

eCommerce Marketing consulting

I have worked with WooCommerce in depth in the last months and have implemented a lot of new technologies and marketing techniques on my clients’ websites. After a lot of work and research, I have managed to come up with a marketing strategy that guarantees success for eCommerce websites.

My formula consists of three basic steps:

  1. Build a great foundation with great content and SEO. Make sure all the latest rules are followed and create something that search engines will love.
  2. Use multiple channels (free and paid) to promote products and the business. Each market has its own needs and tricks of the trade.
  3. Analyze data, find the right entrance points and focus on them.

Apart from these three steps, I also constantly advise and inform my clients. Success is guaranteed, but the cost and actual taken actions may vary, depending on the client’s marketing budget, their needs, and their profit margins (you cannot and should not invest as much for reselling as for selling your own product). No matter how small the amount you can invest on your website is, there always is a solution that will improve your business.

I am always happy to meet professionals and advise them for their business.

Setting up Schema.org for WooCommerce websites

It is really interesting how professional theme designers and developers have not implemented schema.org microdata in their code. I have implemented schema.org rules in my clients’ WooCommerce websites and I have seen the difference this modification makes in their traffic and sales.

If you are interested in taking your SEO to the next level and would have me take a look at your theme or your WooCommerce website, I will implement the necessary code, and the results will be reflected on your traffic.