How to hack Spotify for ad-free radio.

Like Spotify but hate their stupid repetitive ads? I know the feeling. Don’t you wish there was a way to just block these ads and just enjoy the music? We can do this, without malicious software and without software hacks. This trick will work on any computer, as long as you can edit its hosts file.

If you don’t know how to find this in your computer, here‘s a list of operating systems and the location of the hosts file. Then just ad the following lines:

Works perfectly, haven’t heard an ad since ages!

If you have a Mac computer, things get even easier. You can use the Hostbuddy App and then you can just paste these lines there.


David was kind enough to provide a github link to a full hosts file for generic ad blocking in the comments. Attention, it’s HUGE.

12 thoughts on “How to hack Spotify for ad-free radio.”

  • I just added the lines and up till today (nov 2016) it still works! No adds for me in the web player. Thanks!

  • Ummm, i tried this method in my pc and it worked. I have just tried in friend’s pc and don’t (a horrible reggeton music ad shows…up?)

    I copied the first few lines and the huge file to host file.

    why this could be happening?

  • I would prefer to PAY for it, but since I don’t have a pence… I will try.
    It is easy in android, (not full premium, i cannot manage “offline” features, but the rest is Ok.
    But in pc , never tried. ¡AND IT WORKS!!!


    I also copied the HUGE host file extensions, but had to use RAW mode, cause my pc couldnt make the copy action at all.

  • Thanks to you folks I appear to have blocked all ads from Spotify in the desktop app. I had previously been using the web player & wasn’t bothered by ads because I have been using a modified HOSTS file which I originally obtained from several years ago, and which I have extensively updated over the years as I encountered obnoxious ads in Firefox. So I actually already had about 25% of the sites you’re listing here in my HOSTS file. Plus I have Spybot, which also modifies HOSTS with a large chunk of its own sites. But curiously, I was seeing no ads in the web player but as soon as I started using the desktop app, poof, here come the obnoxious ads. And I do mean obnoxious. One of them was for a penis enhancer. Well, I’m not offended by the ad per se. But after hearing it about 10 times within an hour, it escalated. So your entries have completed the job. I did find another piece of advice out there on the web saying you should add an entry to your Windows Firewall to block spotify.exe on certain ports, but that didn’t seem to work. I have to admit (somewhat sheepishly) that I’m not entirely sure I’m actually running the firewall so maybe adding that rule wouldn’t have worked in any case. Whatever. Adding the new sites to my HOSTS file from those listed here definitely cured the problem.

    For now. Suppose one day, Spotify starts using some new ad serving site. I know how to deal with that in the browser, using a combination of the browser history, the Firefox Page Info, and the developer’s Web Console. But the Spotify desktop app doesn’t have such powerful instrumentation built in. Of course not. They want you to endure the obnoxious ads. So how do you guys figure out the site names of web servers feeding ads to the Spotify desktop app? Tell me about the tools and I’ll be sure to come back here & post any new sites I find. Assuming I can actually scoop you guys on such a thing, which is unlikely.

  • This didn’t work for me,
    For the people where this didn’t work add:
    simply blocks all new spotify ads.

  • proxy works to get rid off all banner ads and audio but unfortunately also gids rid of scrobbling

  • I thought it was working flawlessly, until i just got an ad. just now. 2 back to back actually.

    • You mean audio ads? That’s weird, I still haven’t gotten any. Just the banner ads but I don’t care about that?

      • OK, i think i got it working 100% now.

        Here’s my host file, combination of what i found here and another forum i found relating to using wireshark to reverse lookup the advertising server domains.

  • I set up my router to use the output of a modified version of
    As it’s hosts. Only noticed after a couple of weeks after that Spotify had stopped playing ads. Always assumed that they would be hosting their ads themselves.

    • So you looked up the magic and figured out it’s true, huh? 🙂 Yeah, it’s bad for their business model not hosting their own ads. They certainly have staff skilled enough to build an infrastructure.

      Thanks for the link, didn’t know there was a mega-hosts file.

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