Beginning Bushcraft: Equipment

Ah, to feel young again. I will bet that when you first heard about bushcraft, something woke up inside of you. We all read those books as kids with the shelter diagrams and instructions, then we completely forgot about them. Until we reached our thirties (or worse) and we decided it’s time to fulfill a childhood dream: Wild camping in the woods.

Survivalism VS Bushcraft

In this guide I will look into a lot of military surplus items. I would like to say that I’m neither a gun nut nor a survivalist idiot who thinks the world is going to end. If you need to own guns and play it tough to feel like a man, go ahead, but this guide is about connecting with nature and enjoying yourself, not prepare for a destruction or outlive your fellow humans. It’s for camping in the woods and feeling like a kid again (a valuable thing when you’re in your 30s).

But since we are talking about going to the woods to play with sticks, we will need good quality durable equipment. And since new good quality durable equipment comes with a big price tag, here’s where military surplus comes in. Widely available, cheap and tough, military surplus is a must for people who can’t afford brand new clothes and tools of the highest quality (which is most of us, I am sure you have gotten an idea of how much that stuff costs).

And by the way, I’m generally against camouflage clothing (again, we’re in the woods, not in a battlefield), but in Italy and Greece (the country where I live and the country where I come from), wild camping is illegal, so camouflage helps you be a bit stealthier in case the forest guard happens to pass by while you’re doing your thing. In mediterranean forests, Multicam and MARPAT should both work well. For me, Bushcraft is also about not disturbing the environment, so a camouflage pattern would be better than neon green or red. If you don’t like camo, you can choose neutral colors like tan, olive, khaki, foliage green or brown.

So let’s start our journey into equipment! First stop, clothes.

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